Gumbo Recipes

Gumbo is synonymous with New Orleans cuisine - the thick, meaty stew may be Louisiana's claim to fame in the culinary world. Consisting of a hearty stock, meat or shellfish, and a thickening agent (usually okra or file powder), the recipe dates back hundreds of years, with origins coming from the African plant okingumbo. To read more about gumbo click here or to view a gumbo recipe click a link from the list below:

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About Gumbo

To make a gumbo, a classical roux is a necessity. A roux, or a thick flour sauce, is made from slow cooking flour in fat, usually butter or oil, for up to an hour, stirring as the concoction thickens. From there, vegetables are added to be sautéed, and meats and spices follow. With the addition of chicken, beef, or fish stock, the stew cooks for up to hours at a time, allowing the intensity of flavors to fully meld together. Served over white rice and perhaps a little extra file, the thickening powder traditionally used when okra was out of season, gumbo remains a classic southern dish from New Orleans to the rest of the country.

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